About Sculpt and Shine

Hi my name is Nastasia and I am the Founder of Sculpt and Shine. I started this fashion focused, lifestyle and wellness blog combining my passion for holistic health and background in fashion. I’m a firm believer in living well by taking care of my body from the inside out and staying balanced while on the go.

After modeling for over 7 years, I was constantly traveling for work, but eventually learned to take care of my skin ( so much makeup so little time!) and stay active on and off set. I’m passionate about plant-based foods, wellness, staying active by sculpting, and clean/sustainable beauty as I believe it’s important to nourish your body from the inside out.

My goal for Sculpt and Shine is to share my holistically healthy world with coverage of DIY and sustainable beauty, super foods, cleanses, clean eating centering on plant-based foods, and sculpting in fitness studios around the US and beyond! I hope you enjoy!

xx Nastasia





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