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For The Run of It

As a former runner in high school, and as a child of 2 runners, I really should be more into running; but I’m not.

Although running is a great stress reliever and seems sexy, the truth is every time I run, I unfortunately, don’t get a good overall feeling ( the way everyone else does) instead, I feel like my body is breaking down and my breathing is out of my control. I always wished this wasn’t the case because I’m naturally a really active person and I’ve always been in love with the idea of running because what’s more beautiful than a run in the great outdoors breathing in fresh air?

Too bad that never worked out for me. In fact, my running career ended when I had to give up my spot on the track team in High School ( long story but I have a condition that when my body is under stress causes fainting.)



(Source: Instagram @TheRunStudio

Until now. I left all that behind me the moment I stepped through the doors at “The Run“, an indoor run club located in Manhattan’s Flatiron district that was founded by former Olympic Runner and running coach, John Henwood. I’ve been looking for a way to learn how to run “the right way” and enjoy it without feeling bad in the process. As soon as I heard it was started by an Olympian AND a running coach I booked my first class!



(Source: @TheRunStudio

Even though I don’t consider myself a runner, I could really feel a supportive atmosphere at this studio. My running instructor Karlyle, was super encouraging and helped me get situated on the treadmill. I also felt so much more comfortable when she said earlier on, she experienced a similar body response that I got in my high school running days. I ended up taking the Endurance class, a 55 minute running class, geared towards experienced runners and people getting ready for 5k, 10k and marathons. I’m not going to lie, it was challenging considering I generally take the shorter classes at running studios and also don’t run on a regular basis, but I made it through ( and felt like so proud of myself afterwards.)


(Source: @mariatakespix)


I’ve been to a lot of workout studios and gyms and these treadmills are by the far the COOLEST I’ve ever used. (I’m going back just to run on them again..) Why are they so cool? Because during the class, the treadmills are customized to your individual running pace, the stats are saved and during the intervals, the treadmill automatically switches speeds for you! (so there’s no need to frantically hit the up arrow a million times while trying to hold a pace.) There’s also an tablet interface affixed to each treadmill that displays your stats, pace and helps you make it your best run ever. There’s even a tiny fan to help cool you down!



(Source: @TheRunStudio)

The amenities are on point too; there’s showers, towels and really nice shampoo and conditioner so it’s a great class to start off your day or after work/ before dinner.

THE VERDICT: If you like running (or even if you don’t) and want to perfect your run, definitely go! Seriously, go! You’ll be glad you did.



Eat Out

The Vegan’s Guide to NYC

As I was putting together this list for my friend Katy ( Flo Dron), visiting from London, I figured it would be worth sharing. It’s a growing problem among my vegan friends who come to NYC and aren’t sure where to eat; but the truth is, whether it’s finding a vegan friendly grocery store or a restaurant, New York has so much to offer. Here are a few of my favorites:



By Chef Chloe (west village)
Candle cafe
Quintessence (raw)
Juice press
Beyond sushi
Peacefoods cafe
Sacred chow
Caravan of dreams
Bliss cafe
Integral yoga natural foods
Rockin raw
Little Choc apothecary (vegan crepes)




xx SS

Fit Babes

Caitlin King: Model & Yogi

Being in Central Park earlier this week for the Lole White Tour reminded me of why I love yoga so much. Although I’ve been practicing Bikram (hot) yoga for 7 years, I also have been practicing Vinyasa/ Flow yoga for 3 years and find joy in both practices. Practicing yoga in a studio is an amazing experience but practicing with 10,000 other yogis in the park for the Lole White Tour is something I’ll never forget. It literally looked like a music festival ( well actually, Ingrid Michaelson was performing), only everyone had yoga mats and was dressed in white.

So now that you know how much I liked yoga, let’s get back to the point of this post.. I found out that my friend, Caitlin is completing her training to become a yoga instructor ( literally a life dream of mine!) I took a moment with her to ask her what inspires her to practice yoga, her healthy post yoga lunch fix and her favorite yoga poses. Check it out below!


source: (instagram @caitlinkingkong)


What made you decide to become a yoga instructor

Over the past five months I’ve found myself helping a people, both friends and acquaintances, find calamity and stress release though meditation. Helping others find a means of release and inner peace began to make me happy, so I gladly helped those whom in need who happened to come in contact with me. I study more traditional yoga, where the flow focus is on grounding the body for meditation and thought I’d be great to deepen the process.

What kind of yoga do you practice in the city and where?

I’m a fan of vinyasa and hatha flow. I try out new places all the time, both for free in the parks and in various studios, but I love sonic yoga. There’s a good vibe to the place. 




(source: @caitlinkingkong)

 Do you find yoga helps with posing for shoots?

Yes! I actually started yoga about three years ago after my agent said I needed to fix my posture. It helps with posture and feeling more in touch with your body. Mentally, it helps as well. 


(source: @caitlinkingkong)

What’s your favorite yoga pose?

Other than savasana… I love downward dog. It’s detoxifying comfortable and doing a full body stretch with gravity as your weight.


 What’s your go-to post yoga lunch? I always get a vegetable smoothie with nut milk so it’s thick and creamy but full of nutrients and water


Have you ever been on a yoga retreat? If not, where would you go?

I have not but I plan to! Im looking to do one in Costa Rica on the beach, perhaps for my 500 hour certification.



Caitlin King is a model and soon-to- be certified yoga instructor. Follow her yoga vibes on instagram @Caitlinkingkong.



xx Sculpt and Shine


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Juicy Juicin’ in Vermont

After a brief hiatus, I’m excited to close out the summer with brand new posts encompassing the adventures I took this summer, and sharing the healthy spots I found along the way.
For this Juicy Monday post I visited The Vermont Juice Company as I was passing through Burlington, VT while on the road, heading back from a trip to Canada.
This quaint juice shop definitely stood out among the juice places I’ve visited, each juice bursting with unique flavors and creating the best charcoal lemonade ( my guilty pleasure) I have tried hands down.
As an avid juice drinker, I’ve had my fair share of cold pressed juices in and around New York City and while traveling ( because who doesn’t love healthy traveling?)
On this particular day, I walked into this small juicery with warm rustic interiors just as a juice taste testing was taking place, (lucky me) so I actually sampled a few before settling on a mean greens and saving a sweeter green juice for later. All the juices were organic, cold pressed and were unique in flavor. The menu also featured smoothie and acai bowls as well as other raw food options. If I had a cooler, I would’ve stocked up on more raw goodness to try!
The verdict: hidden gem of a juice bar with amazing flavors and located close to UVM ( University of Vermont). I wish juice always tasted this good!
City Sculpts

Throwing Down at Overthrow Boxing

This week’s spotlight is cast on Overthrow Boxing, a trendy new boxing studio in New York City’s Soho neighborhood that’s quickly taking the fitness world by storm.

Overthrow, which opened in May features 45 minute boxing “burn out” classes that combine ring work and or bag work, cardio, intervals and an intimate class setting.


(credit: Overthrow Boxing)

The studio in itself is very unique from other boxing studios I’ve been to. This is largely due to the fact that the building that houses it (#9 Bleecker St.) has a colorful history, having been the headquarters of a counter-culture newspaper, Overthrow as well as home to the Yipee movement ( aka extremist hippie movement.)


When I heard the studio was claiming to be the “Soul Cycle of boxing”, I knew I had to find out for myself what the deal was. I’m so glad I did! Overthrow turned out to be my new favorite place to box in the city. I’m not saying that because of the epic rock n’ roll vibe atmosphere and vibes that the studio gives off ( I mean, they’re definitely a plus..) but I also was surprised to get individualized attention when it came to my boxing stance and punches.

Because of this class, I now actually know how to tie my wraps, the proper boxing footwork and also how to accurately throw a cross jab, things I feel are often neglected in larger class settings at other boxing studios I’ve frequented. Needless to say, awesome instruction and a ‘sure to sweat your ass off’ class definitely convinced me to come back for more. It also helps knowing I’m part of the cool crowd that comes along with the regulars at Overthrow.


Verdict: Best boxing class I’ve taken in the city ( and Brooklyn) thus far. They really take the time to help with minor corrections and proper form.

Eat Out

Eating Vegan at by Chef Chloe

For this week’s vegan food share, I tried out the West Village’s latest vegan hotspot, By Chef Chloe.  By Chef Chloe is a new vegan, plant based eatery that was started by award winning vegan chef and winner of Cupcake Wars, Chloe Coscarelli.


The Bleecker Street restaurant which is just over a week old is an airy, ethereal space that features eclectic decor, suspended hanging chairs and succulent plants. The staff was super friendly and gave the place great vibes.



The menu featured made to order smoothies, salads, soups, burgers and sandwiches. There was also a grab and go section with kelp noodles, salads, fresh pressed juices, chia pudding, kombucha, and coconut water.



With a large selection of bakery items, (and since Chloe is most well known for her killer baking skills), I had to try one of her cookies. I also ordered the Green Smoothie of the day that was made out of pineapple, kale, mango and banana and almond milk ( soo good!)




The place was packed and for good reason! It was definitely some of the best vegan food I’ve tried in the city. On my way out I also bumped into Chef Chloe herself and got a chance to talk to her! She’s hand down the nicest chef I’ve ever met and can make some mean vegan food. I definitely have to come back to By Chef Chloe to check out their burgers and brunch menu.


Verdict: Definitely try this place! ( Perfect for your next lunch date)






Juicy Monday: Mason Jar DIY

If you’re someone who makes smoothies or juice at home then this DIY is for you!

This week for juicy monday, Sculpt and Shine is sharing a useful DIY- mason jar juice lids!

I personally love making a big batch of green juice the night before and storing it in a mason jar, but sometimes I wish it had a lid that I could put a straw right in and drink out of!

Converting this mason jar lid is super easy! All you need is a mason jar lid & a single whole puncher (found at any office supply store.)

I purchased the reusable stainless steel straw from Fishs Eddy.

To punch, first mark where you are going to make the hole and put the outside ring to test it. Try and punch as close as you can towards the middle of the lid (I punched near the word Ball because it was far enough away from the lid rim.)

Push your straw through and you’re good to go!


Mason jar (any size)
Ball Mason Classic jar lid
Single hole punch
Happy juicy Monday!

Xx SS!


Fit Babes

Falling In Love with My Fitbit

Happy Wednesday! This week’s midweek detox features a discussion about the Fitbit Flex, which I received about a month ago and admittedly didn’t know much about except it tracked your exercise in some way.

I pictured it being able to track my resting heart rate and target heart rate during exercise too but the Fitbit Flex model I had didn’t do those fancy things. It is however stylish and discreet enough that it looks like a bracelet but also keeps track of the important things.



I was a little confused because there wasn’t an actual interface on the band but using  the Fitbit App i was happy it could help me to accurately track my steps, physical activity, what I ate and also my sleep patterns! Pretty cool.



Another cool thing? I get weekly progress emails which serves as both motivation and information because it gives you a break down by day of your steps and calories burned. I also found it cool that gives you the option to compete with friends/ others in your area with built in competitions to see who has the best step goal etc.



The battery lasts a long time which is surprising considering all the work it does. My only regret is that it doesn’t track my workouts as much as I’d hoped. Overall im super excited to have one!


* This post is not sponsored/ endorsed in any way, I did not receive the Fitbit for free to to review, I actually bought it. All opinions are my own and are my genuine attitudes towards this product.

Eat Out

Hot Air Balloons & Vegan Brunch

This weekend I escaped the hustle and bustle of New York City to visit the Quick Chek Hot Air Balloon Festival in New Jersey.

We started out our day with an amazing vegan brunch at Veganized , a new vegan restaurant in New Brunswick, NJ close to the Rutgers main campus. I settled into the eclectic atmosphere, vibrant color scheme and interesting plates hung from the walls. We were the first ones there for brunch but we felt welcomed by the high energy, friendly servers who were also vegan enthusiasts. The classic rock songs playing that helped us momentarily forget our hunger and set a cool mood. Their bottomless cold pressed coffee definitely gave me the energy I needed to help kickstart my morning.


I ordered the Unscrambled, made with shitake corn tofu scramble, bell pepper sauce, sweet potato wedges, cashew sour cream, sautéed kale, and toast. The food was beautiful presented and bursting with vibrant colors (Instagram friendly — which tested our self control as we paused to take lots of pictures).


My sister got the flaky biscuit, paired with smoked mushroom sausage, avocado tomato, aioli, and a simple salad. I gave it a try as soon as food envy set in and it was the best vegan biscuit I’ve ever tried!

Next, we headed to the balloon festival. We got there around noon but we somehow missed the memo that the balloon launch is a sunrise and sunset activity. (Queue the ultra bronze tans that took place as a result.) Five hours later, we had the balloon experience of a lifetime!

There were 100 balloons, with some traditionally shaped and some custom shaped ( Darth Vader, Yoda, Sea Monkey, etc.) All the balloons were apparently competing for an $100k prize sponsored by Quick Chek, a convenience store chain in New Jersey.


Watching the sunset with 100 balloons ascending was truly magical and well worth the wait.


Happy Weekend!

xx SS