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City Sculpts

Workouts we tried: Bari

On a rainy, humid Sunday I woke up antsy after a mostly sedentary weekend. It seemed like a perfect day to get some sculpt in and after a long past due attempt to try a class at Bari, I made the leap and navigated to the chic NYC studio in TriBeCa. All I can say is: believe the hype. 
The lofty TriBeCa space had a chic, modern interior and the friendly staff was welcoming and accommodating.  I was surprised to find it was full of amenities/ necessities plus there’s a shower so it’s pre date/ night or approved ?
I personally hate when intense workouts are followed by an absence of showers. Luckily that wasn’t the case here, they have 2 showers, blow dryers and spray on deodorant if you need a touch up. Lockers line the back wall on the way to the studio, and the built in combo locks on all of them are convenient. 

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My first Bari class (bounce everest class) didn’t disappoint-it was a fast paced, dynamic and challenging workout that provided the perfect amount of cardio and toning.The small class size provided an intimate setting and the opportunity for Individualized attention.  The coordination was challenging to follow at times, but definitely not overwhelming and the instructor, Ailene really did an amazing job making sure everyone was on track and doing the workout correctly. As someone who isn’t the biggest fan of  “danced based cardio workouts”‘ I’ll admit I was hesitant at first to try what is boasted as  “the most cardio centric class”, but I’m glad I did.
Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 8.38.33 AM Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 8.38.01 AM
(Source: Instagram @BariStudio)
Chic, slightly scene-y editors, models ( Joan Smalls), fitness bloggers ( Hannah Bronfman) and people from the art and fashion scene. Slightly intimidating but motivating and a healthy amount of competitive mix. The words “down bounce” will become your new favorite words/ mantra/ motto until the class ends. The class will likely end with everyone drenched in a pile of sweat so we’re all friends here. 
It’s a workout – no doubt. Like a scenester, chic cousin of Barry’s Bootcamp. I immediately felt the toning results the next day but regretted not doing a full stretch after class. All in all an amazing workout that’s a lot of fun!
City Sculpts

For The Run of It

As a former runner in high school, and as a child of 2 runners, I really should be more into running; but I’m not.

Although running is a great stress reliever and seems sexy, the truth is every time I run, I unfortunately, don’t get a good overall feeling ( the way everyone else does) instead, I feel like my body is breaking down and my breathing is out of my control. I always wished this wasn’t the case because I’m naturally a really active person and I’ve always been in love with the idea of running because what’s more beautiful than a run in the great outdoors breathing in fresh air?

Too bad that never worked out for me. In fact, my running career ended when I had to give up my spot on the track team in High School ( long story but I have a condition that when my body is under stress causes fainting.)



(Source: Instagram @TheRunStudio

Until now. I left all that behind me the moment I stepped through the doors at “The Run“, an indoor run club located in Manhattan’s Flatiron district that was founded by former Olympic Runner and running coach, John Henwood. I’ve been looking for a way to learn how to run “the right way” and enjoy it without feeling bad in the process. As soon as I heard it was started by an Olympian AND a running coach I booked my first class!



(Source: @TheRunStudio

Even though I don’t consider myself a runner, I could really feel a supportive atmosphere at this studio. My running instructor Karlyle, was super encouraging and helped me get situated on the treadmill. I also felt so much more comfortable when she said earlier on, she experienced a similar body response that I got in my high school running days. I ended up taking the Endurance class, a 55 minute running class, geared towards experienced runners and people getting ready for 5k, 10k and marathons. I’m not going to lie, it was challenging considering I generally take the shorter classes at running studios and also don’t run on a regular basis, but I made it through ( and felt like so proud of myself afterwards.)


(Source: @mariatakespix)


I’ve been to a lot of workout studios and gyms and these treadmills are by the far the COOLEST I’ve ever used. (I’m going back just to run on them again..) Why are they so cool? Because during the class, the treadmills are customized to your individual running pace, the stats are saved and during the intervals, the treadmill automatically switches speeds for you! (so there’s no need to frantically hit the up arrow a million times while trying to hold a pace.) There’s also an tablet interface affixed to each treadmill that displays your stats, pace and helps you make it your best run ever. There’s even a tiny fan to help cool you down!



(Source: @TheRunStudio)

The amenities are on point too; there’s showers, towels and really nice shampoo and conditioner so it’s a great class to start off your day or after work/ before dinner.

THE VERDICT: If you like running (or even if you don’t) and want to perfect your run, definitely go! Seriously, go! You’ll be glad you did.



City Sculpts

Throwing Down at Overthrow Boxing

This week’s spotlight is cast on Overthrow Boxing, a trendy new boxing studio in New York City’s Soho neighborhood that’s quickly taking the fitness world by storm.

Overthrow, which opened in May features 45 minute boxing “burn out” classes that combine ring work and or bag work, cardio, intervals and an intimate class setting.


(credit: Overthrow Boxing)

The studio in itself is very unique from other boxing studios I’ve been to. This is largely due to the fact that the building that houses it (#9 Bleecker St.) has a colorful history, having been the headquarters of a counter-culture newspaper, Overthrow as well as home to the Yipee movement ( aka extremist hippie movement.)


When I heard the studio was claiming to be the “Soul Cycle of boxing”, I knew I had to find out for myself what the deal was. I’m so glad I did! Overthrow turned out to be my new favorite place to box in the city. I’m not saying that because of the epic rock n’ roll vibe atmosphere and vibes that the studio gives off ( I mean, they’re definitely a plus..) but I also was surprised to get individualized attention when it came to my boxing stance and punches.

Because of this class, I now actually know how to tie my wraps, the proper boxing footwork and also how to accurately throw a cross jab, things I feel are often neglected in larger class settings at other boxing studios I’ve frequented. Needless to say, awesome instruction and a ‘sure to sweat your ass off’ class definitely convinced me to come back for more. It also helps knowing I’m part of the cool crowd that comes along with the regulars at Overthrow.


Verdict: Best boxing class I’ve taken in the city ( and Brooklyn) thus far. They really take the time to help with minor corrections and proper form.

City Sculpts

Workouts We Tried: Surf and Sculpt

While I’ve never actually tried surfing on a beach ( sad I know since I’m from FL), I love taking surf inspired workout classes from “Surfset”, a company that created surf simulator type classes. The class combines elements of yoga, cardio, pilates and core so it’s amazing for your body and of course it’s also cool to be working out on a surfboard- when else does that happen after all?! Using your own bodyweight, the surfboard is set on  a sort of bosu ball-esque platform so balance and stability is key to this class.


IMG_451673729             IMG_451673728-3

Earlier this month, after taking 2-3 classes I bravely took the intermediate class in the East Village. I’m happy to say that I think I finally got the hang of the surf board under my feet feel! Now that I know I can trust my own body weight while balancing and standing up on the board I think it’s given me the confidence to step onto a real surf board sometime in the future! Not to mention I love working on my core during this super fun class! Using the “rate the sculpt” meter ( 1= I kicked its ass and 10= it kicked my ass), I would give this class at 7 ( more that I kicked its ass) because it was definitely challenging at some points in the class but definitely not impossible. Once you go a couple times you can master some moves and perfect your surfing skills! If you are in NYC I would definitely recommend snagging a spot at Surfset because where else can you surf and sculpt?




Happy sculpting!

xx SS





City Sculpts

Fitness Friday – Summer Outdoor Workouts

I actually do not have a gym membership right now (since I am in transition from Boston), so I have tried to develop an outdoor workout that mimics what I typically do in the gym. I chose a few exercises that are mainly anaerobic workouts, but you can choose to include running (aerobic ) exercises as well.

1.) Stadiums


This is the go-to workout for varsity teams, whether they be collegiate or high school. It’s not surprising to me that coaches make their athletes run several sets of stadiums. What better way is there to integrate aerobic and anaerobic exercise while also maintaining a challenging aspect to a workout? When I first began doing stadiums, I did 10 sets. I would suggest doing the same, but at your own pace for the first week you begin this exercise. I like timing how long it takes me to complete 1 set, and then challenging myself to beat that time. It’s a fun way to compete against yourself!

2.) Up-Hill Walking Lunges

IMG_20150605_112358 (1)

Up-hill lunges workout your glutes to the extreme! I do 6 sets, but if you feel like this is too difficult or easy modify the workout to your specifications. I also like to add in a sprint up the hill after every 2 sets of walking lunges.

3.) Mountain Climbers


I never thought much of this exercise until I realized how much it works out your abs! I typically do 2 sets of 15-20 reps.

4.) Abs – Obliques



Since it’s the summer, ab season is IN! I use the bench to help my legs maintain a vertical position. This challenges your lower abs more than the regular crunch stance. Additionally, I twist my upper body to each side, switching at regular intervals. For this exercise I suggest doing 5 sets of 20 reps.