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Caitlin King: Model & Yogi

Being in Central Park earlier this week for the Lole White Tour reminded me of why I love yoga so much. Although I’ve been practicing Bikram (hot) yoga for 7 years, I also have been practicing Vinyasa/ Flow yoga for 3 years and find joy in both practices. Practicing yoga in a studio is an amazing experience but practicing with 10,000 other yogis in the park for the Lole White Tour is something I’ll never forget. It literally looked like a music festival ( well actually, Ingrid Michaelson was performing), only everyone had yoga mats and was dressed in white.

So now that you know how much I liked yoga, let’s get back to the point of this post.. I found out that my friend, Caitlin is completing her training to become a yoga instructor ( literally a life dream of mine!) I took a moment with her to ask her what inspires her to practice yoga, her healthy post yoga lunch fix and her favorite yoga poses. Check it out below!


source: (instagram @caitlinkingkong)


What made you decide to become a yoga instructor

Over the past five months I’ve found myself helping a people, both friends and acquaintances, find calamity and stress release though meditation. Helping others find a means of release and inner peace began to make me happy, so I gladly helped those whom in need who happened to come in contact with me. I study more traditional yoga, where the flow focus is on grounding the body for meditation and thought I’d be great to deepen the process.

What kind of yoga do you practice in the city and where?

I’m a fan of vinyasa and hatha flow. I try out new places all the time, both for free in the parks and in various studios, but I love sonic yoga. There’s a good vibe to the place. 




(source: @caitlinkingkong)

 Do you find yoga helps with posing for shoots?

Yes! I actually started yoga about three years ago after my agent said I needed to fix my posture. It helps with posture and feeling more in touch with your body. Mentally, it helps as well. 


(source: @caitlinkingkong)

What’s your favorite yoga pose?

Other than savasana… I love downward dog. It’s detoxifying comfortable and doing a full body stretch with gravity as your weight.


 What’s your go-to post yoga lunch? I always get a vegetable smoothie with nut milk so it’s thick and creamy but full of nutrients and water


Have you ever been on a yoga retreat? If not, where would you go?

I have not but I plan to! Im looking to do one in Costa Rica on the beach, perhaps for my 500 hour certification.



Caitlin King is a model and soon-to- be certified yoga instructor. Follow her yoga vibes on instagram @Caitlinkingkong.



xx Sculpt and Shine


Fit Babes

Falling In Love with My Fitbit

Happy Wednesday! This week’s midweek detox features a discussion about the Fitbit Flex, which I received about a month ago and admittedly didn’t know much about except it tracked your exercise in some way.

I pictured it being able to track my resting heart rate and target heart rate during exercise too but the Fitbit Flex model I had didn’t do those fancy things. It is however stylish and discreet enough that it looks like a bracelet but also keeps track of the important things.



I was a little confused because there wasn’t an actual interface on the band but using  the Fitbit App i was happy it could help me to accurately track my steps, physical activity, what I ate and also my sleep patterns! Pretty cool.



Another cool thing? I get weekly progress emails which serves as both motivation and information because it gives you a break down by day of your steps and calories burned. I also found it cool that gives you the option to compete with friends/ others in your area with built in competitions to see who has the best step goal etc.



The battery lasts a long time which is surprising considering all the work it does. My only regret is that it doesn’t track my workouts as much as I’d hoped. Overall im super excited to have one!


* This post is not sponsored/ endorsed in any way, I did not receive the Fitbit for free to to review, I actually bought it. All opinions are my own and are my genuine attitudes towards this product.

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Let’s Be Frends! Blog Giveaway!


For our first blog giveaway we’ve partnered with Frends headphones for an exclusive giveaway!


We’re giving away 1 pair of Taylor headphones from Frends w/ interchangable headphones caps! ( A prize valued over $250!)

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Fit Babes

Eating Clean with Lauren Gleisberg

This week for Motivation Monday we’ve teamed up with none other than fitness expert Lauren Gleisberg! Lauren is an amazing fitness guru and a well- known expert on all things health and fitness on her blog. She was also just featured on The Doctors show a few days ago! She shared with us her go-to healthy 5 min breakfast and favorite “lady gun” sculpting workout routine.

As taken from Lauren Gleisberg’s blog


5 Minute Breakfast Scramble 

(Original recipe from

-2 eggs
-1 handful of spinach
-1/4 red bell pepper
-1/4 cup mushrooms
-1/4 cup tomato
-1/2 avocado
-1 tbsp feta cheese (optional)
-seasoning: sea salt & pepper to taste
-Heat a medium sized skillet on low-medium heat (1 minute)
-Add a spray of olive oil/coconut oil non stick cooking spray to the pan
-Chop/dice all vegetables (1 minute)
-Simmer vegetables (1 minute)
-Add in eggs & scramble (2 minutes)
Lauren Gleisberg’s “Lady Guns” Workout



(workout from


Lauren Gleisberg is a health and fitness blogger that is inspiring others to look and feel their best through workout guides and science based nutrition advice. She has 6 years experience in the health and fitness industry and holds a BS in Biology.




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Motivation Monday: Featuring Model Vilma Putriute


This week for Motivation Monday I interviewed one of the healthiest people I know, model Vilma Putriute. She counts healthy living and food as some of her biggest passions and talks why she’s obsessed with juicing, her favorite healthy spots to lunch with friends and her weekly workout routine. Check out the interview below and follow her healthy travels on instagram!
Why did you choose to be vegan?
I started the vegan lifestyle not long ago, before that I was vegetarian, but as usual you always wanna go further 🙂 So I started with little steps gradually eliminating milk and replacing with dairy free nut milks, that actually taste much batter. Instead of cheese, I use tofu, soya, seitan fillets and mixing these in almost all my salads.I really like how creative vegan cooking is, but more importantly I feel good and look better than ever, which is very important for my job as a model.
(source: instagram)
 Where are your favorite healthy places to eat in london and NYC?
These days there are more and more new vegan and raw places opening up, which makes me really excited. whenever a new place opens I’m the first one to try it out!  I’m based in London and love how the city has lots of healthy, vegan, raw and juice places to eat in and take away. Also my favorite is whole foods market in London and Nyc. I think the most variety of healthy eating and life style are those two cities. In London I always go to Tanya’s cafe, Good Life Eatery, Roots & Bulbs and Le pain Quotidien. All of those places have a great cold press and smoothie selection as well great lunch menus to grab a bite with your friends.
I noticed you like to juice cleanse a lot which is awesome! Why do you think it’s important to juice?
I do cold press juicing one-two days a week (and have been doing this for a year already, didn’t miss these days even once!) I’m addicted to juicing! Once you feel and see the difference in your body and appearance after the juicing, you’re hooked for good! I think your body needs a break at least one day a week, either is juicing or water fast, or eating only fruit or some kind of vegetables. It cleanses all the toxins out, gives your metabolism a break so it could work with the double power afterwards. And it’s also gives you psychological will power and makes you less addicted to food and more aware of what kind of food you’re eating and what kind of food your body needs.
(source: instagram)
What’s your favorite kind of workout / workout class?
 I like to mix up my work out- cardio 3 times a week, love running outdoors or cycling.  At least once a week Bikram or Vinyasa yoga for a good stretch. Love Pilates reformer and ballet/ barre classes to keep the tone.
What are some of your favorite workout spots ?
 ‘So hot ‘ Bikram studio in London or ‘yoga to the people ‘ in Williamsburg in Nyc, now you can find bikram yoga almost in every city, so I just like to pop in whenever I’m in Berlin, Barcelona or Milan. My favorite gym is’ Kx ‘ in Chelsea in London, with great spa and classes. My favorite running tracks are: Hyde park in London, Central Park in Nyc and beach side in Barcelona.
Which is your favorite healthy city that you have lived in?
My favorite healthy city is Barcelona. Lots of fresh fruits and vegetable markets. It’s still quite new for juicing and vegan lifestyle scene, but it’s getting there. I think the beach and sunshine gives a big plus in one of the favorite cities category.



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Q&A with Cynthia Sass

Last week the girls at Sculpt & Shine got the chance to have a one on one with none other than New York Times best-selling author and nutritionist Cynthia Sass! When she’s not acting as the nutrition consultant for the New York Yankees and the New York Rangers, she’s a contributor for Health Magazine, counseling celebrity and sports clients and appearing on shows such as The Today Show and The Doctors. She also just released her new book, Slim Down Now.

Cynthia shared with us some cool perks about her job, what it means to be a nutritionist, her opinion of healthy desserts and her favorite secret healthy spots in New York City! See the exclusive interview below:


  1. What is the difference between a nutritionist and a dietician? Which one do you identify with?


I identify with nutritionist, but unfortunately that term doesn’t have a legal definition, which means that anyone can call himself or herself a nutritionist, even with no formal education or training. I am also a dietitian, which requires a university degree, with specific course work in the science of nutrition, including biology, chemistry, biochemistry, anatomy and physiology, food science, metabolism, courses in vitamins and minerals, nutrition through the life cycle, and medical nutrition therapy. Dietitians must also pass a comprehensive exam, and complete ongoing continuing education. I’m proud to be a dietitian (I also have master’s degrees in both nutrition science and public health, and I’m board certified as a specialist in sports dietetics), but my passion is optimal wellness and superfoods (I also have formal culinary training in vegan organic culinary arts), and in that realm, the term ‘nutritionist’ seems to be a better fit. So I often say that I’m a nutritionist, who has also completed the in-depth clinical dietitian training.


  1. What’s your favorite thing about being a nutritionist?


That’s a tough one, because there are so many things I love about what I do! First it’s exciting, because nutrition is a young science, so it’s constantly evolving. I spend about an hour every day reading new research just to keep up! It’s also incredibly rewarding. I love passing on tips, information, and recipes that truly change people’s lives, from boosting energy or mood to enhancing sleep, athletic performance, immunity and recovery, to helping someone manage, or significantly improve a medical condition through a dietary intervention. The power of nutrition is incredible, and the effects can be both immediate, and long-lasting. Plus, nutrition something that touches everyone, because we all must eat!


  1. In your opinion, what are some great best pre- and post workout snack ideas?


Pre-workout my favorite go-to is a banana. It’s easy to digest, so the carbs become readily available fuel. It also doesn’t cause digestive upset, and it’s rich in nutrients, including potassium, which is needed for muscle contractions and to prevent cramping. Post-workout I have a wide variety of favorites. If my athletes or active clients can’t eat a meal soon after exercise, smoothies are a great way to start the recovery process, and replenish nutrients and fluid. Plus, they’re refreshing, and you can whip almost anything in, from veggies and fruits to lean protein, nut butter or coconut oil, quinoa, and anti-inflammatory herbs and spices, like ginger, turmeric, and mint. I love formulating smoothies tailored to my clients’ needs and goals.


  1. What are your favorite ways to work out? (Are you more of a gym person, yoga, soul cycle etc.)


I am NOT a gym person! I love taking group classes, but they have to be fun, like some kind of dance-based workout. On my own my go-tos are hiking, rollerskating, and dancing. I used to be a runner, but I have injuries, so now I’m a power walker! I also love walking for utility. Both in NYC and LA I walk whenever I can, rather than taking the subway or driving. If I have the time it’s not unusual for me to walk from a meeting on the upper west side to another on the lower east side. And while it seems like nobody walks in LA, the other day I walked over for two and a half hours showing my nephew around Venice and Santa Monica. I love taking in the sights while I walk, from nature and architecture to people watching. It sparks my creativity and makes me feel alive!


whole-food-cleanse                                                                                                                                (photo credit)



  1. Why is protein before a workout actually bad for your body?


Pre-workout the top priority is energy, to fuel the activity, and protein isn’t an optimal fuel source. Protein’s top job is to serve as a building block to maintain, heal, and repair protein tissues in the body, so it’s ideal post-workout, along with appropriately sized portions of healthy fat, and whole food starch.


  1. In your new book. “Slim Down Now” you talk a lot about the importance of fiber in our everyday diet. Why is it so important and the secret to staying slim?


In addition to being filling, fiber itself does not get digested, which means it never gets absorbed into the blood, where it has to be either be either burned off or stored as fat. In addition, fiber slows the rate of digestion and absorption overall, which keeps you feeling fuller longer, and helps regulate your blood sugar and insulin levels. It also binds to some fat and protein, which prevents those calories from being absorbed. Essentially, every gram of fiber you eat cancels out about seven calories, so if we all ate 30 grams a day, it would be the calorie equivalent of going for a 40 minute walk. Finally, on top of all of the weight loss advantages, fiber offers numerous health benefits. Eating fiber is like strength training for the digestive tract, which keeps the muscle strong and healthy. It also improves bowel regularity, lowers cholesterol, and binds to cancer causing substances in the gut, so they can be swept out of the body. It’s pretty powerful stuff, and pulses (the cornerstone of Slim Down Now), which include beans, peas, and lentils, are one of the very best sources. Pulses also happen to be incredibly nutrient rich, providing vitamins, minerals, and antioxidant levels that rival berries, and they’re gluten free, plant-based, versatile, and affordable – in my book pulses are the single most underrated superfood group on the planet.


  1. Why is meditation an important practice in everyday life?


I think intuitively we just know that meditation makes us feel better – more calm, and grounded, but the research on its benefits is remarkable. Meditation has been shown to quell inflammation, a known trigger of premature aging and disease. It’s also been shown to curb hunger, as well as mindless and impulsive eating, boost self-esteem and the desire to be more physically active, reduce belly fat, improve the ability to retain new information, and cultivate compassion, which can even be applied to yourself (very important when trying to lose weight). For all of the reasons, I devoted a chapter to meditation in Slim Down Now, and I recorded a free five minute guided meditation video for my website. Nutrition will always be my first love, but I’m enamored with meditation. Just five minutes a day can change your entire outlook and transform your relationship with food and your body.


8 New York or LA? Which one steals your heart?


They both do! New York City and Los Angeles are like George Clooney and Brad Pitt – they’re both magnetic, charming, and endearing, but in different ways. In NYC I feel inspired and exhilarated. In LA I feel balanced and happy, so it’s like yin and yang. I love them both, and feel so fortunate to bounce back and forth between the two amazing cities!


GustOrganics                                                                                                                                  ( photo credit)


  1. What are some of your favorite healthy places to eat in NY?


One of the things I love about NYC is that there are so many healthy places to eat. I love GustOrganics, and when I’m on the go I often just pop into Whole Foods, or an indie health food store, like Lifethyme in the West Village.


  1. Can dessert be healthy?! How?


Absolutely! To me baking is pure bliss, and I love creating other healthy treats, like puddings, frozen pops, and dark chocolate truffles! I have a variety of tricks for making them healthy, including using nut and bean flours and milks, pureed veggies, fruit and beans, spices, zest, and herbs, coconut oil, raw cocoa powder, and healthy sweeteners like maple syrup. I LOVE it when someone reluctantly tries one of my treats, like my vegan spinach brownies, or vegan chia pulse pudding (made with beans) thinking it’s going to be weird, only to be delightfully surprised by how tasty and satisfying my “healthied up” version is compared to the traditional.



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Fitness Friday: Healthy Blogger Series


This week for the healthy blogger series Sculpt & Shine is proud to feature this guest post by my good friend Joey Slomowitz, model, fellow fitness blogger and Creator of Man in Denim Joey shares his favorite healthy breakfast recipe, his sculpting workout routine and favorite places to eat in NYC! Be sure to check out his blog too! 

joey slomowitz

My favorite thing to eat in the morning is porridge (oatmeal). It’s the first thing I look forward to when waking up in the morning and it provides the greatest start to my day.  I usually alternate between buckwheat and oats, but the main ingredients are essentially the same.

I usually add:

  • a banana
  • cinamon
  • hemp seeds
  • berries, or any fruit I have in the fridge


I have a pressure cooker, so I usually use that to prepare my porridge whilst I do my morning workout routine.  The cooker takes around 2 mins for oats and about 4 mins for buckwheat or steel cut oats.


I do a ten minute core workout every morning.  I usually alternate between using routines from youtube videos and using my own personal curated workouts.  Here’s an example of one that I have stored in my phone.  I call it the Australian core workout;

Australian Core Workout!
[ ] 50 leg raises – for lower back
[ ] 30 normal crunches
[ ] 20 side dips (each way)
[ ] 20 straddled legs crunch
[ ] 15 reverse crunch
[ ] 15 ‘cowboy’ crunch
[ ] Half boat – 20 ‘accordians’
[ ] Corpse pose – 30 leg raises
[ ] Swimming x 30 seconds
[ ] 50 criss cross (25 normal, 25 scissor legs)
[ ] Screen door plank × 20
[ ] Plank with leg raise (15 secs each)


My favourite ‘go to’ restaurant has been Bliss Grand in Williamsburg.  They have an all vegan healthy menu, a quiet interior and small charming outdoor space.  Perfect for close and personal get togethers with friends.

My 2 favourite things on their menu are the ‘black bean burrito’ and the ‘grand plate’.

Sweetgreen-Williamsburg                                                                                                         ( photo cred: madera-trade)

Another one of my favourite spots is Sweet Green, also in Williamsburg.  Much more than just a salad bar, to me they come across as the healthiest ‘fast food’ you can possibly imagine.  They take so much pride in their all organic and locally sourced ingredients that they post on their blackboards where everything comes from!  All the local farms listed are either in New York or within close vicinity.  On top of all that, I usually don’t end up spending more than $10 on my meal.


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Athlete Series: Getting Back Into Running

This week Sculpt & Shine is proud to feature this guest post by Georgie Morley, fellow fitness blogger and Creator of In It For the Long Run :

Growing up, I always thought I hated running. I think a lot of us do. It’s a tough sport. You’re on your own, moving your body against inertia. During the summer, after my freshman year of college, I wanted to find a cheap way to stay active, so I decided to conquer the one exercise I hated. Running. At first I was pretty damn miserable. I was slower than slow, tired, grumpy, but I kept at it. Why? Because the one thing I did love was how I felt afterwards.

But then this kind of crazy thing happened. I began to love running… while I was still running. Mind you I didn’t feel this during every run. But some evenings after work when I laced up and ran the trails around my house, set to the summer sunset, I thought “ok, I think I get it now.”


This was the honeymoon phase of my relationship with running. At this point, we couldn’t get enough of each other. I don’t think I have ever come close to the milage I ran during that first summer.

After several years of running, I decided I wanted to take the next step, so I began training for a half marathon. It was an intense and rewarding experience, but after my second half marathon I felt like something wasn’t quite right. I just couldn’t get excited about my runs and even the after run joy wasn’t hitting me the same. It was time. We had to take our first big break.

From about September 2014 to this past February, I took a break from running. In that time I saw other types of fitness. I worked with a trainer doing HIIT cardio and weight training. I learned to lift on my own, I explored different types of group classes, I did yoga. It was strange learning to adjust to fitness without running, but I loved the diversity and how strong my body felt. I never felt the guilt that sometimes came with not hitting my milage goals and I really felt like I was working out for myself, for fun.

About a month ago, I started getting an itch to run again, I felt it in my gut that it was time to get back to it. So I wanted to share some tips that have really been helping me get back into running after a long break:


Getting Back Into Running: The Steps

Start Slow:

It’s so easy to remember where you left off and think that you can get right back to it, but not only will it hurt, but you run a huge risk of injury going too fast too and too far too soon. I suggest starting with 2-3 runs per week and slowly increase over time. I’ve started running 3 times a week, 3 miles each. Slowly I’ll be incorporating one more longer run from 5-7 miles each week. As I get more comfortable I’ll be pushing the pace of each of these runs.

Set Goals

Your goal can be as simple as run 2-3 times each week, but by setting and achieving this goal you’ll put yourself in a great place when you want to start pushing your mileage and speed. My goal starting out was run 10+ miles per week. I’m hoping to run 100 miles in the month of July. It’s going to be a challenge, but I want to make sure I give myself enough time and training before that to achieve this goal safely.

Don’t Forget to Stretch

Sounds like an obvious one, but it bears repeating. After your runs don’t forget to cool down, and really stretch. Once a week carve out at least 15 minutes to really stretch. You can take that time to reflect on your week of running and adjust goals and milage as appropriate.

Make Yourself Accountable

You know how I said I was going to run 100 miles in July? Yeah now that’s public, I am definitely going to do that. No, you don’t have to have a blog or even share on social media, but enlist an accountability buddy who will check in on your running progress. Let them know your goals and they’ll be able to push you in the right direction when you need that support the most.


Find a Race

Another great way to keep yourself accountable is to sign up for a race. It’s like traveling, once you buy the plane ticket it’s a lot harder to bail. Nothing like a looming deadline to push you out the door.

Also, give yourself a high five! You’re running again and that’s awesome. Don’t be afraid to take breaks even from the things you love. Sometimes these breaks are so important because they remind you why you fell in love with running to start with.

Georgie Morley is the Social Media Manager for Drink Bai and blogs about Health & Fitness on In It For the Long Run