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Pressed Juicery comes to NYC!

 New York already has its fair share of juice stores, but with the recent close of NY founded juice company, Organic Avenue, many are left wondering if the “juice fad” is coming to an end.

Coming soon to the blog! Juice heaven at @pressedjuicery #sculptandshineLA #DTLA

After recently returning from a trip to LA, I noticed that , despite Organic Avenue shuttering all of its stores, NY is actually still flooded with a wide variety of juice store chains. Some of which include: Juice Generation, Juice Press and Liquiteria. I was relieved that there were some new awesome juice bars in LA they didn’t have in NY such as Kimberly Snyder’s Glow Bio and my personal favorite, Pressed Juicery.

On my first day in LA, I fell in love with this renowned west coast juice chain.

The vibe inside the small Downtown LA  location was cheerful and welcoming and I loved how they doled out samples per the customer’s request (compared to traditionally where it’s a self serve try it out kind of situation.)

They were having a seasonal sale, offering 4 juices for $20 (i know, insane!) so it gave me room to try a ton of new flavors. I tried the roots 2, greens 2, lavender charcoal lemonade, coconut cinnamon, and greens 1.5.

The vast array of unique flavors made me an instant fan, and I vowed to move to the west coast solely for the purpose of being closer to this juice chain..(not joking)


So imagine my delight when, before my boxing class at Overthrow ,I spotted a Pressed Juicery in Nolita! The store, which opened this past Monday is manhattan’s first and only location. They also offer a customer reward’s program which is awesome because it allows customer’s to accumulate points with each purchase and each point earned goes towards future discounts.

 (Woot woot)

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out Pressed Juicery’s latest digs in Nolita! Cheers!


Juicy Monday: Mason Jar DIY

If you’re someone who makes smoothies or juice at home then this DIY is for you!

This week for juicy monday, Sculpt and Shine is sharing a useful DIY- mason jar juice lids!

I personally love making a big batch of green juice the night before and storing it in a mason jar, but sometimes I wish it had a lid that I could put a straw right in and drink out of!

Converting this mason jar lid is super easy! All you need is a mason jar lid & a single whole puncher (found at any office supply store.)

I purchased the reusable stainless steel straw from Fishs Eddy.

To punch, first mark where you are going to make the hole and put the outside ring to test it. Try and punch as close as you can towards the middle of the lid (I punched near the word Ball because it was far enough away from the lid rim.)

Push your straw through and you’re good to go!


Mason jar (any size)
Ball Mason Classic jar lid
Single hole punch
Happy juicy Monday!

Xx SS!


Detox, Wellness

The Ultimate Guide to Green Juice (Supermarket Version)

In the spirit of summer aka “bikini season” and after a recent conversation with my roommate, I was inspired to write this post and carry out this “Ultimate Guide to Green Juice” experiment. We both wondered which store bought juice truly delivered nutrients, wasn’t loaded with icky sugar and additives and was just as good as one from one of our favorite juice bars (e.g. Juice Press, Liquiteria)

In the midst of a juice cleanse or even a “detox day”, I can admit first hand that there have been times where I’ve picked up a juice at a grocery store in a pinch ( when there is no juice bar to be found, which in cities other than NYC can happen more often than not.) Laden with dozens of brands the choice is not always easy, and it’s always a let down ending up with a sucky tasting $12 juice that you end up begrudgingly choking down.

With my first choice being green juices because of their alkalinizing benefits, I picked up a variety of green juices this week at Wholefoods and Trader Joes testing out the pros, cons and overall benefits of each brand.

So.. the moment we’ve all been waiting for; the reviews! (aka which one is good?!)




Trader Joes Green Juice Made with a pound of spinach, 17 kale leaves, 1 apple, 1/4 cucumber, 1 stalk of celery, 1 lemon and 2 inches of ginger. This juice has 11 grams of sugar ( this sugar is NOT added, coming only from the juiced fruits and veggies.) It is  HPP processed and weighs in at 100 calories per 15.2 oz bottle.


This juice has a lemony vegetable juice flavor with hints of ginger. Being on the inexpensive side, it’s definitely more attractive and an inexpensive way to be healthy without emptying out your bank account in the process. Although it isn’t as potent and “bursting with greens” as one from a juice bar, for the price and the way it’s processed it definitely gets the job done. It reminds me of one from Juice Generation but with slightly less flavor. My only drawback is that I wish it was organic.


Suja “Green Supreme” Juice organic, HPP pressed no added sugar

I had pretty high expectations for this $9 juice because that’s about the price you could pay for a fresh pressed juice (unbottled) at a juice bar. The bright green color and pretty label touting that it was “organic” seemed promising.

I chose this juice from Suja because it seemed the most “natural” and didn’t have added salt, cayenne, sugar etc. which I generally tend to avoid when drinking juice.

What makes me super sad about this juice, is that the 1st ingredient is apple juice ( which I sadly never noticed until this week- sad face) but since ingredients are listed by weight that means that the majority of this $9 juice is actually apple juice with very little “greens” added. I could taste it immediately because if I closed my eyes I would literally just think it was apple juice since the apple is so potent. Definitely not my thing, but hey, not every juice is a winner.


The good news though is that all the ingredients are organic, so this would be an ideal juice for before a workout or to hydrate before physical activity, despite tasting pretty sugary. It’s also ideal for those who like a bit of apple in their juice and don’t prefer the more bitter or greener “green juice”


Evolution “Sweet Greens and Lemon”One of the cool things about Evolution is that the brand is carried in Starbucks, Wholefoods and other grocery stores. While its definitely noticeable how “watered down” the overall flavors taste compared to bottled juices found at juice bars, the brand offers both Organic and conventional flavors at a lower price point.

The “sweet greens and lemon flavor” features a kale, romaine, spinach blend that has subtle hints of parsley, apple, celery, lemon and lime. It tastes to me a lot like the Trader Joes “Green Juice” but with more lemon and apple taste. Overall it’s a pretty good deal price-wise as well as availability.


Blueprint Juice– the infamous “Blueprint Juice Cleanse” set that is sold in Wholefoods includes this classic green juice flavor. I also saw a few “seasonal” green juice flavors by Blueprint that sounded interesting. For the price-point, I expected a more alkalinizing and pure “green juice”. It definitely tasted sweeter than expected which I wasn’t so down with but to each his own. At least there weren’t any added sugars in this juice which is something to look out for because one of the juices from Blueprint has agave hidden in there.


Daily Greens “Purify” Juice-  This juice features produce that is seasonally sourced from local farms. This one is made out of kale, parsley, broccoli, cucumber, celery, lemon, basil and is teaming with lots of vitamins! Some of which include A, C, K, B1, B2, B6, sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium. This juice is also low in calories and sugars which I liked. With a high vitamin content and less sugary taste it was one of my favorites out of the ones reviewed in this guide, my only thing being that it had a pretty strong cucumber and slightly mellow taste ( aka wasn’t bursting with zesty flavor.) I think the vitamin count and benefits outweigh the neutral taste though, so I would be up for drinking this juice again seeing as I get something good out of it, while staying refreshed and hydrated.

daily greens


HPP processed, a controversial way of pasteurizing the juice without heat to kill of potential Listeria, E-coli, yeast, mold and salmonella. The drawback is that in order to use this process, the juice has to be “low alkaline” thus containing less nutrients that come from dark leafy vegetables generally destroyed during this process. Besides being a way to commercially sell juice HPP is still better than heat pasteurization it just kills nutrients and isn’t as good as fresh juice. It also extends the shelf life of juice sold in stores.


Beauty Detox: The Benefits of Charcoal

I first started seeing charcoal when a few months ago I walked into Juice Generation one day and saw a black chalky looking “charcoal lemonade” drink. Super confused I asked about it and then started conducting my own research. I came to find out that charcoal is an amazing step to detoxification. It can be found in various forms, everything from soap and bamboo charcoal sponges to juice.

So what’s the deal? While it isn’t an “every day” thing, charcoal can be an amazing way to detox, especially after a long night drinking/ partying because it helps to reset your system and draw the toxins out of your body. Charcoal has been used for centuries ( over 10,000 years) in Ayurvedic and Chinese Medicine. Activated charcoal naturally soaks up poisons in the body and aids in improving intestinal health using an “adsorption” process aka the charcoal “binds to” toxins instead of absorbing them. While charcoal is used in some hospitals, this remedy it also is available to purchase to help with any gas, bloating, intestinal issues, general detoxification, heart health, body odor, teeth whitening, jet lag and anti-aging. it can aid in controlling food cravings, moodiness and feelings of sluggishness after a meal. Activated charcoal contains millions of tiny pores that naturally capture, bind and remove unwanted toxins, heavy metals chemicals etc. using a negative electric charge that attracts positively charged unwanted toxins in the body.  If you’ve ever seen a Brita water filter, this lower grade charcoal can be seen used in the filters used to capture unwanted materials.

Charcoal can also be found in a wide range of skincare products. I purchased a Konjac sponge infused with  bamboo charcoal from Ricky’s about a month ago and it has done wonders for my skin! I have never felt something more soft and detoxifying- and it can be used to cleanse your face naturally without cleansers and makeup removers. The sponge also naturally balances out your skin’s pH which is pretty awesome! Since your skin is your biggest organ, I prefer using the sponge and this charcoal & shea butter bar soap I bought in Australia to detox.

*take 2 capsules when consuming alcohol or unhealthy food. Please consult your doctor since everyone responds to different dosages and use in moderation. Excessive charcoal consumption without magnesium can result in constipation. Never take activated charcoal with prescription medications!

{ I am not compensated for any external links in this post! All opinions are my own and products I have tried and think are worth sharing!}