So fresh, So Clean: How I became a Sneakerhead


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Is it just me or have you ever wondered how those people keep their sneakers looking absolutely perfect: new, obnoxiously white and scuff free?

Flash forward to a week ago where I came across the holy grail: an article on Mr. Porter about “How to Keep Your Sneakers Clean“.

It professed that Jason Markk a cure-all solution in a magical bottle allegedly sold at Urban Outfitters (well that part was a lie, at least in Soho.)
A week later I begrudgingly stomped by flawed sneakers around the city, desperate for answers- or more fittingly the sneaker magic.

A week later I found it at Kith. The jojoba coconut based goodness transformed my kicks just as if I’d hit the reset button and never wore them (whaaat?! Score!)

The Results

Reluctant at first, I was shocked to find that the sudsy creamy lather slowly restored my sneakers to a pearly white, lifted the stubborn dirt off my Converse and provided a much needed cleaning.

Although I had hoped for it to work bigger miracles on my shoe laces, this wasn’t as bad of a loss considering I can always toss those in the washer or get new ones. Sneakers are way harder to clean than laces and I liked how they conditioned as they cleaned, helping to restore some of that long lost shine. In short, I’ve officially become a sneakerhead now that I’ve discovered there is a way to keep sneakers looking better than brand new.



                                                                                         (Credit: Giphy)
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